Yenmark Builders

Yenmark Builders and developers is the foremost real estate Builder & Developer based in Mangalore i.e. Coastal region of Karnataka & Kerala. We undertake building & development for residential and commercial spaces.

Backed by a decade’s worth of experience and expertise workforce which helps us to execute real estate projects in the retail, commercial and residential space in best possible locations. Adding to the array of services offered, it also sees the project through each stage right from site acquisition, designing and development to construction, marketing and sales.

After many years of expertise, Today, YenMark is known to be one of the prominent name in real estate development and has done so by assuring its clients and business partners a sense of utmost quality and reliability.

Being perfectionists and transparent in whatever we do and that has given us the distinct advantage as builders and promoters of repute. We have earned the credibility and trust of the people by our hard work and by our constant efforts to understand the client requirement.

Our vision to develop homes for every home-seeker of all budgets. We offers more choice in terms of location, design keeping in mind the budget. We always maintained focus on integrity, customer delight and commitment to deliver. We have been the market leader in Mangalore since 2010. Our obsession with delivering quality projects on time has paid off in a big way and we intend to uphold our policy of maintaining the fulfillment of our client's

Yenmark builders believes that the quality of a home must improve the quality of the homeowner’s life. That it’s not just about building homes, but about creating lifestyles. Armed with quiet self-confidence and an unswerving dedication to the customer's needs

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in construction activities guides the use of correct structural design, specifications and proper materials ensuring that the quality of workmanship by the contractor / sub-contractor is achieved and finally maintaining the structure after construction is complete through periodic assessments for maintenance and repairs. We at Yenmark Builders and Developers are committed to design and construct eco-friendly properties with an objective to exceed in customer satisfaction.

We believe in continual improvements of our processes, products and our people. We follow stringent quality control norms to assure the safety of your precious life. By using the best quality material available. By appointing highly qualified and professional site engineers and supervisors.


To be the No.1 company for buyers, sellers, Realtors, and investors who value relationships over transactions, superior work, and community impact.


The Company aims in acquiring and developing quality properties based on realistic values for its own investment affiliates, as well as its joint venture partners. The company also aims To be the best, full-service Real Estate company in the Triangle and to enhance our quality of life through active community involvement.

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